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Our Guiding Principles

Our asana (pose) training focus is guided by the principle that we should adapt the poses to our bodies, in all their glorious shapes & sizes, not our bodies to fit the poses. It's not how far we can bend or twist into a pose, or how we look in a pose, or how we compare to others in a pose, rather it is how we feel in a pose. Often the gentle and more attainable version of a pose, and the more comfortable we are, the more beneficial it is for our bodies. Our use of props throughout the practice, the offering of modifications/options, and an emphasis on safe, body positive movement, ensures a well rounded practice for all.

From a philosophical perspective, we believe the yamas/niyamas and other influencing principles, ethical commitments, codes of conduct, etc. within the realm of yoga allow for interpretation and individuality.  At the same time, they are a reflection of an overall purpose, intention and community. Our programs bring attention to knowledge and encourage further thought and consideration. We leave the direction to the student.

For more information about our core values within our training, please read the following messages; as always we are available to provide more details, create clarity and to answer your questions.


Yoga Alliance, A Community

GYS Code of Conduct

General Policies
Tuition & Refund Policy
Training & Attendance Policy
Yoga Alliance Ethical Commitment
BCRPA Code of Ethics

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