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Our Students Tell Our Story

Improved flexibility, strengthened mindful behavior, enhanced balance, and body awareness. These are just some of the benefits to establishing a regular practice and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Being a part of the Grove Yoga School community brings these advantages and more. Read below how we’ve helped others discover their new healthier and happier lifestyles.

While my goal is to be in the classroom, the Grove Yoga School trainers made virtual learning and teaching enjoyable, and attainable. They were fully committed to bringing out the best in each of us as individuals.  Thank you.

Amrit R (2022)

In my opinion, yoga can be a daily commitment to serious body and mind stretching, or yoga can be a reason to allow your body to be, and grow enjoying a reason and time to experience, expand and relax.  Stacey helps make this happen, while still leading in the essential guidelines to allow relaxation, growth and, especially, safe practice. Fun is allowed too!

Kerry S. (2016-ongoing)

Moving to zoom was an adjustment, but Stacey makes the classes enjoyable, friendly and inspiring.  
We're glad we took the leap.

Melanie & Cathy (2022)

Thank you so much for a well thought out course and your wonderful teaching. I really enjoyed myself and I am excited to keeping learning.

Niki M (2021)

The Grove Yoga School provides an environment where every student can learn according to their abilities. The school uses resources, knowledge and skills for students to grow and attain success. The instructors show a good communications skills, with positive attitude.

S. Singh (2020)

The teachers are very knowledgeable/experienced and have a well-organized approach to teaching. The program is intense and provides a great deal of feedback, I appreciated the emphasis on safety and inclusiveness for all. Learned a lot and am grateful for the experience.

Gayle D (2020)

I loved doing my RYT 200 through Grove Yoga School. Both instructors complimented each other's teaching styles nicely to make sure all participants were not only successful but also had the con-fidence to go out and start a career in yoga. I am extremely grateful.

Jess M (2019)

The knowledge, concept, passion and professionalism conveyed provided me with a great understanding of yoga poses, safety concepts, more importantly confidence to start a career as a yoga teacher. Definitely worth it!

Shuo C. (2019)

Time in class was pleasant, constructive and collaborative which provided a creative environment where each student could excel and celebrate their unique personalities.  The curriculum was terrific with emphasis upon each student graduating with confidence.

Adrienne R. (2018)

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