Yoga Fitness Instructor or
Registered Yoga Teacher - RYT® 200

Which is right for you?
The one (or both) that leads to the teaching goal you seek. 

BCRPA Specialty Module

35 Hour Workshop
Foundational, balanced, well-rounded yoga teacher training offered weekends or a weeklong intensive program 

Lead by BCRPA TFLs
(Teachers of Fitness Leaders - Yoga)

Enrollment Prerequisites*

Successful Fitness Theory Exam & up-to-date First Aid+CPR; current BCRPA Fitness Leader membership

*Prerequisite waived (but training still recommended) for those solely seeking the RYT 200 professional accreditation..

Scope of Practice

Able to lead a safe beginner yoga fitness group. 
Pose work excludes Bikram, inversions, or
special populations (as defined by BCRPA).


Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE)

BCRPA Membership Benefits

Yoga Alliance Professional Credential

200 Hours of Foundational and Specialty Sessions
Enhanced yoga teacher education; flexible self-paced schedule, combination of the Yoga Fitness*/RYT Foundations training, CE/core curriculum and specialty workshops
Lead by Yoga Alliance accredited E-RYT
® 500, Continuing Education Providers (YACEP®)

Enrollment Prerequisites

There no currently no prerequisites except a desire to learn about and teach yoga. 

*BCRPA prerequisites waived for those not seeking dual accreditation: RYT 200 and Yoga Fitness Instructor. Note, retroactive application is not permitted.

Scope of Practice & Ethical Commitment

Pose work and teaching within lineage and credentials as presented by a qualified RYS® (Registered Yoga School)


Successfully completing all 200 hrs of RYS curriculum including practicum training hours

Yoga Alliance Membership Benefits

YF Performance Standards (2015)
Subject Matter Hourly Allocation

Introduction (summarized history, yoga benefits) - 1.75

Breathe (basic techniques) - 1.75

Asanas/Postures (principles, purpose, teaching practice, scope) - 22.55

Class Design (within scope of practice) - 3.5

Special Populations (screening, considerations) - 1.5

Leadership/Communications - 1.85

Resources/Further Education - 2.1

RYT 200/RYS 200 Curriculum (2022)
Up-levelled Subject Matter Hourly Allocation

Techniques, Training & Practice (āsanas, prāṇāyāma, subtle body, meditation) - 75 

Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics -  30 

Yoga Humanities (history, philosophy, ethics) - 30

Professional Essentials (teaching methodology, professional development, practicum) - 50

Elective (self-selected/pre-approved) - 15

Notes:  subject matter topics overlap within workshops as topics inter-relate creating a balanced approach to training.

All RYT 200 training hours must be from the same RYS

YF Fees & Continuing Education

GYS 2023 Workshop Fee

YF Module/RYT Foundation - $672

Annual BCRPA YF Continuing Education

Current CPR (Min CPR-A)

Current First Aid (Emergency or Standard)

Proof of ongoing related training

- minimum 6 credits yearly (new members)

(CECs during first membership year are not required)

Upgrading Opportunities
Workshops to expand scope of yoga teaching practice.
Becoming a BCRPA SFL or TFL

Earning the RYT 200 enhanced credentialing ​


BCRPA Annual Membership
Initial Fitness Registry Application: $105

Annual Renewal: $105

(subject to change)

RYT 200 Fees & Continuing Education

GYS RYT Training Fees

Total fee commitment will vary depending upon combination of RYT core curriculum/CE workshop selection beyond the prerequisite YF Module

3 Year YA RYT Continuing Education

45 hours teaching yoga; and

30 hours of yoga training

Upgrading Opportunities 

Workshops to enhance yoga teaching techniques and learning about niche training concepts.

Earning the E-RYT 200, RYT 500, E-RYT 500.
Adding specialties: RPYT, RCYT

Annual YA Membership 
Initial Application & 1st Year Registration:  $115 US

Annual Renewal:  $65 US

(subject to change)