RYT Training & CEC Workshop
Attendance Policy

Full participation is the best path to becoming a well rounded, knowledgeable yoga teacher, but life happens and we can work together to ensure your successful completion.  If you have any questions about our attendance or other policies outlined below, please let us know.  

Participation & Absenteeism

To earn the RYT Certificate of Completion the Student must meet 100% of the program Standards as stipulated by Yoga Alliance's current core curriculum and competencies for the 200hour or 300hour RYT training.  Similarly, Students enrolled in Yoga Fitness must complete the full training and to receive their certificate. To earn a CEC certificate for a workshop or other training, the Student must fully participate in the offered program.

This includes attending the in-class or virtual (live) pre-scheduled program training, interactive discussions between trainers/fellow students, reviewing the training manual and texts (if applicable), creating/demonstrating yoga sequences, completing self-study or in-class projects as assigned. As a final component students must complete a practicum/evaluation.

We strongly encourage the Student to commit time each week to program study, personal skills development and yoga practice.

Classroom training is typically Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, between 9:00 am and 1:15/1:30 pm. Students are expected to be set up and ready to participate at 9:00 am. Attendance will be taken throughout the training. Any absence from training must be pre-approved in advance, however we understand life happens and commitments outside of training are inevitable. GYS will work with the Student to reduce the impact that approved missed class time may have on their success.

Any Student who is late for class more than fifteen (15) minutes may be docked an hour from training and repeated tardiness and/or cumulative hours of absences may result in the need for make-up sessions to review missed training content and/or create the need for an extension to complete the requirements of the program.  The goal is to ensure successful completion of the program.

In the event accumulated absences create a situation where meeting the full requirements of the program within the course duration is not possible, the Student may request an extension. Fees apply.

Continued unapproved absenteeism may result in termination. No refunds are available in the event of termination.

Make-up Sessions (Missed Training Opportunity)

The Student may request make-up sessions within the course duration to review any missed material. Provided a trainer and studio space are available GYS will work the Student to coordinate times and locations. Fees may apply. Every effort will be made by GYS to accommodate the Student and schedule make-up sessions, however, if they can not be coordinated, the Student may apply for an extension (RYT programs only). Fees apply. Make-up sessions are considered part of ongoing program training.

One-on-One Mentoring

Within the RYT program schedule, time is scheduled to work with each Student one-on-one.  This is the opportunity to ask for clarity or insight into concept within training, or discuss ideas beyond the current scope of training. 

An ongoing mentoring program is available for all yoga teachers seeking guidance or wanting to test new ideas in a safe, non-judgmental environment. 

RYT or Yoga Fitness Teacher Training Program Extensions

Prior to the beginning of the final Practicum series, the 200hr or 300hr Student may request a program extension. Similarly, Yoga Fitness students, prior to the final week or training may also request an extension.

Program extension hours are considered part of ongoing training and count towards the current program hours. Every effort will be made by GYS to accommodate the Student and schedule dates as quickly as possible. Approval of an extension request is at the sole discretion of GYS and such factors as the availability of a trainer and studio space, and the Student’s accumulated hours of participation, record of absenteeism, completion of projects as assigned and current tuition payments will be considered. Fees will apply.

Due to the short nature of the training, program extensions are not aplicable to workshops.

RYT or Yoga Fitness Teacher Training Program Transfers

In lieu of cancellation, and at the sole discretion of Grove Yoga School, the Student may request a transfer to a subsequent GYS 200hr or 300hr RYT or Yoga Fitness program (if scheduled).

If such a request is received at least thirty (30) days prior to the start date, 100% of the Application Fee and any pre-paid tuition may be applied to the new program. In the event of a course fee increase, the difference is waived. If such a request is received within thirty (30) days but prior to the start date, 25% of the Application Fee and 100% of any prepaid tuition may be applied to the new program. The balance of then current Application Fee will be due and payable to hold the registration. In the event of a course fee increase, the Student will be required to remit the difference either in full or on a new payment schedule.

Transfer requests received after the start date will require a new Application Fee at the prevailing rate. A fee equivalent to two weeks training will be withheld from any pre-paid tuition with the balance credited to the new program. In the event of a course fee increase, the Student will be required to remit the difference either in full or on a new payment schedule.

As per Yoga Alliance policy, multiple trainings can not be combined to meet the 200hour or 300hour RYT requirements, therefore no hour or training credit for prior participation may be transferred to a subsequent program. Any variation of that policy will be at the discretion of Yoga Alliance.