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Welcoming All Bodies
Into Yoga

"Thanks!  Liked the format and the information"  Jade R. (BC)
"I can use this right away in all my classes to connect with my students"  Pam T. (BC)

Fully interactive Zoom workshop with practice opportunities
Offered by Lead Trainer, Gaylene

Next Date:  TBA

During this workshop you'll learn how to compose and guide an inclusive yoga class, ensuring a welcoming experience for all shapes, sizes and abilities.  Discover teaching tools such as the importance of neutral, non-triggering language when offering cues, and how to present modifications that create a sense of confidence, success and ease. Learn how to use props to create accessibility to ensure the poses comfortably fit our bodies rather than fitting our bodies into the pose. 

Recommendation:  Yoga Fitness Module/RYT Foundations,
RYT 200 or equivalent yoga teacher training/experience.
Includes our printable training materials (.pdf)

GYS reserves the right to cancel without minimum registration. Full refund or program transfer options offered.

Review GYS policies for details.

Receipt can be used for business expense only.

Fee includes GST. Payment methods: e-transfer. Credit card add 4% processing or cheque (please email for details).

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