Sanskrit: Simplified for
the Yoga Classroom

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Fully interactive with practice opportunities
Offered by Lead Trainer, Stacey

Sanskrit is the language of yoga and might seem intimidating yet is actually beautiful in its simplicity.


The goal of this workshop is to highlight how a very basic understanding and respect of this historic, ancient language can enhance the personal yoga experience and add another layer of interest to the yoga classroom. Learn a little about how languages influence each other, and how to decipher familiar yoga āsana (poses) from Sanskrit to English when found in yoga books or texts.  Gain a sense of ease while teaching a few poses while including their Sanskrit names as part of cueing practice.

No linguistical talent is required of the participant or to be expected of the instructor.  This is a fun workshop to heighten comfort, awareness and appreciation.  Just bring along an open mind, a sense of adventure, plus an interest in exploring another facet of yoga's history,

Open to all yoga teachers* - 6 Continuing Education Credits

For GYS-RYT 200 pre-registered students, this counts towards 6 core curriculum training hours

*Prerequisite: Yoga Fitness Instructor module and/or yoga teaching experience.
Includes our printable training manual (.pdf)

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