2 Part Specialty Workshop
Teaching Safe & Accessible
Chair Yoga

"Insightful and well organized. 5 out of 5 stars"   Gayle D, (BC)

"Who knew chair yoga was so versatile?"  MaryAnn B, (Alberta)

Fully interactive with practice opportunities

Offered by Chair Yoga Specialist, Stacey

TBA:  Zoom or in-person
Registration will open in early spring 2023 

Teaching chair yoga successfully is about more than just learning some the poses.  It's also about understanding its nuances and subtleties to ensure a truly safe, always stable, completely accessible practice. It's about recognizing the physical and sometimes emotional needs of the participants. It's about creating a positive experience and space that offers the greatest opportunity for success. These workshops focus on safely adapting familiar hatha yoga poses up from the mat and onto a chair (part 1) or beside/with a second chair (part 2).  A personal investment of additional self-study time is recommended to fully absorb and then offer this style to your students. 


PART 1 - Learn about the special populations that may attend, and how to ensure a safe, inclusive experience, suitable for a wide range of individuals. Discover the benefits and risks of transitioning familiar mat poses such as a seated Mountain, Warrior II, Forward Fold and others onto a chair. Compose and then practice teaching sequences readying yourself for presenting a well planned, seated chair yoga program to your students.

Saturday/Sunday, May 6 & 7, 2023
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
$215     10 CECs

PART 2 - With a strong seated yoga practice, the opportunity now exists to take inspiration from a wider range of poses such as Humble Warrior, Revolved Wide Leg Forward Fold and Thread the Needle.  Discover how a second chair provides support for Garland and Sphinx, plus how it brings the floor up for Head to Knee and Boat. Standing now becomes an option for a modified Warrior III or an adapted Eagle. Learn to create and teach an enhanced chair yoga class, based on safety, stability, and accessibility.


Saturday/Sunday, May 13 & 14, 2023
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
$172    8 CECs

Note:  part 1 is a prerequisite for enrolling into part 2.

Save when booking both workshops:  $367.50 (18 CECs)


Open to all yoga teachers*

For GYS-RYT pre-registered students, this counts towards elective training hours.
*Prerequisite: Yoga Fitness Instructor m
odule and/or yoga teaching experience.

Class min/max participation will depend upon presentation format - Zoom/In-Person

Include our comprehensive printable training manual (.pdf).

GYS reserves the right to cancel without minimum registration. Full refund or program transfer options offered.
See GYS policies for details.  

Receipt can be used for business expense only.

Fees includes GST.