~~~ New for 2022/3 ~~~
Teaching Pre-Natal Yoga

Interactive, virtual/live training with Lead Trainer, Gaylene (RPYT)

Taking additional focused, specific training on pre and/or post natal yoga is often a requirement of potential employers wishing to offer this style of practice.  

During pregnancy the natural changes in the body affect movement (as well as everything else!) Yoga is a great way to keep (or get) the body stronger, more flexible and to prepare the body ready for delivery. We can help to potentially alleviate discomfort, but precautions are necessary. 

As instructors we need to ensure our pre-natal yoga students are offered suitable options and/or modifications. Some may not be aware they should modify, others will know their own bodies and move further into a pose that you may think unwise. Learn how to provide the information and allow your students to guide their own practice.


Open to all yoga teachers.

Note to future RYT 200's: this future workshop may count towards 6 non-core curriculum training hours

Watch this page for registration information.

Minimum 6/Max 10 participants.

Includes our training manual (.pdf). Arrangements can be made to pickup a printed copy (additional fee) in either Cloverdale (Surrey, BC) or Walnut Grove (Langley, BC) or for us to forward by prepaid mail or express post (allow time for delivery).  


6 Continuing Education Credits

Receipt can be used for business expense only.