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Specialty Workshop
Sun and Moon Salutations
for the Modern Yoga Practice

Saturday, March 4th, 2023
9 am
- 1 pm

Registration deadline:  February 18, 2023

Fully interactive Zoom workshop with practice opportunities

Offered by Lead Trainer, Stacey

The Sun and Moon Salutations are as varied as the teachers who practice them. A deeper awareness may add interest and purpose to our classroom that our students will intuitively feel and appreciate. 


We'll learn about the traditional and modern Sun Salutations, their origins, warming intentions and potential benefits.  While practicing we can explore the diverse forms (modified, A, B, kneeling and seated) finding what resonates with us for our personal goals and also how to ensure our classroom versions are inclusive, achievable experiences.

Then we'll discover and practice the Moon Salutation, learning its origins (original and modern), cooling intention, and how to include this side-to-side sequence into a well planned yoga class.


Open to all yoga teachers 
- 4 Continuing Education Credits

Pre-registered GYS-RYT 200 student rate: $75.60*
This counts towards 4 elective training hours.

Prerequisite: Yoga Fitness Instructor module/RYT Foundations or equivalent training/experience.
Includes our printable training materials (.pdf)

GYS reserves the right to cancel without minimum registration. Full refund or program transfer options offered.

Review GYS policies for details.

*GYS-RYT 200 pre-registration required. Discount rates valid for 24 months from registration date.

Receipt can be used for business expense only.

Fee includes GST. Payment methods: e-transfer; credit card add 4% processing or cheque (please email for details).

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