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Props (especially mats and yoga blocks) are often in communal use at studios and recreation centres. We've long believed that all students and teachers should only use their own equipment - and this is now even more important especially from a hygiene perspective. 

Along with our prop recommendations below we offer a selection of locally made hand crafted items.

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Available by porch pickup to ensure physical distancing.


Yoga Mats

The mat is the one prop you use throughout your practice and having your own, knowing it's clean and safe for you to use, is especially important. Probably the yoga prop with the most options (fabrics, density, length, width, colour/pattern, even smell) selecting a mat is personal decision; you may go through a few before finding the right one. Available almost everywhere, with prices that range from a few dollars to hundreds, whatever you choose, make sure it is non-slip and is the right length/width that fits your practice. Note: some studios dictate the mat size to accommodate room layout. 


Yoga Blocks

Blocks are integral to many yoga classes, offering support, lengthening and height. The quality and pricing of yoga blocks ranges significantly, as do their materials and colours. Somewhat standardized in height and length they are often available in 2 widths: 7.5cm (3”) or 10cm (4"). Dense foam blocks are readily purchased from dollar stores to on-line yoga suppliers.  Wooden and cork blocks can be ordered from specialty suppliers.  As all blocks at some point end up on the floor being able to clean them is important.  Dense and wooden blocks can be washed with a sanitizing wipe or gentle cleanser. Cork blocks offer a terrific supportive quality, yet are not easily cleaned and might be best used for your personal practice rather than enjoying their benefits in a community or studio setting. 


Chip Foam Blocks & Washable Covers
Cover: $20  Foam: $15  Set: $30

A chip foam block is a multi-purpose prop useful for padding under knees, an alignment/comfort tool when sitting, or to rest the head on. Like yoga blocks these are often on the floor and in communal use at studios or recreation centres.  Due to the nature of the chip foam it is not washable and we encourage a washable cover. We have a small supply of blocks in stock along with a new assortment of colourful locally made hand-crafted covers.  Chip foam blocks can also be sourced through local foam shops although inventory is sometimes limited.


Yoga Straps - $15

Like blocks and mats, straps are in communal use, with cleanliness a concern.  Also, like blocks and mats, straps are available almost everywhere you can find yoga items. The trick is finding one that fits. The common 1.8m (6ft) or 2.4 (8ft) straps limit the range of motion especially for those who are taller, have long limbs or have a fuller form.  Our 3m (10ft) straps are locally made and washable.


Eye Pillows
Pillow & Cover: $8 Extra Cover:  $5 

Used often in the rest portion of a yoga class, eye pillows create a sense of peacefulness by blocking out light and placing a gentle soothing pressure over the eyes.  Resting them on the palms, chest or belly also helps create a feeling of calmness and relaxation. These are personal use items and having your own is recommended. Our locally sourced hand made pillows are light weight with a removable washable cover.

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