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Registered Yoga Teacher
RYT® 200
Grove Yoga School
Teacher Training

The Journey


Becoming a yoga teacher is a journey and choosing the path is the first decision. For those interested in becoming an RYT® 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) with membership within Yoga Alliance, there are options for training. We believe our program, with its self-paced, workshop based schedule, small class sizes, and a personalized approach, offers our students increased opportunities for long term success.

Step 1 - Pre-register as a GYS-RYT 200 student.
There is no fee to join the list of peers also seeking their professional accreditation. Together we will work towards completing your goal of earning the RYT 200 professional credential from Yoga Alliance.

Step 2 - Complete the Yoga Fitness Instructor module* as the foundational basis for future training.  

*Taking this module or having yoga practice and teaching experience is recommended before embarking on enhanced training, however, if scheduling doesn't fit with your life's activities, some core curriculum workshops are available for early registration. Discuss with Lead Trainers.


Step 3 - At your own pace, successfully complete all the required GYS-RYT core curriculum workshops and practicum (practice teaching) requirement.

Step 4 - Self-select topics of interest and complete specialty workshops that resonate with you to make up the balance of the 200 hours.


Step 5 - Upon receipt of your GYS Certification of Completion choose to join Yoga Alliance, registering yourself as an RYT® 200, joining others who share your commitment to their yoga practice, the yoga community and to future students. 

The Investment

The total investment into GYS-RYT 200 training starts at $3500+ (including GST); additional costs would be incurred based on workshop selection and personal choice.  Rates subject to change*.

*For a period of 24 months from the date of enrollment, workshop fees discounted as noted on information pages. Upon expiry renewal options are available.

GYS-RYT Program Summary

Our GYS workshops, whether taken for personal interest, continuing education, or as part of the GYS-RYT 200 program been specifically designed to meet Yoga Alliances' up-levelled core curriculum training standards. Each workshop touches upon multiple core curriculum topics highlighting the interrelationship between all aspects of yoga. This cohesive approach is beneficial for all yoga teachers.

Yoga Alliance - RYS 200 Core Curriculum

Techniques, Training & Practice - 75 hours

  • asanas

  • pranayama & subtle body

  • meditation

Anatomy & Physiology - 30 hours

  • anatomy

  • physiology

  • biomechanics

Yoga Humanities - 30 hours

  • history

  • philosophy

  • ethics

Professional Essentials - 50 hours

  • teaching methodology

  • professional development

  • practicum (teaching practice)

In addition to the scheduled 185 hours, 15 hours of training which falls within the above categories must be completed by each student. GYS has allocated these "elective hours" to completion of self-selected specialty workshops and/or the One-on-One Mentoring

GYS-RYT 200 Hourly
Subject Matter Breakdown

  • Yoga Fitness Instructor/RYT Foundations - 35

  • Core curriculum workshops - 123

  • Elective/specialty workshops - 32

  • Practicum teaching - 10

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