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A Brief Look at
Yoga Energy, Ethics & History

Returning 2024

Fully interactive Zoom workshop
(Part of our GYS RYT 200 training series - open to all yoga teachers)

Our brief introduction to the traditional yogis and ancient yoga texts that have influenced yoga practices and lineages for thousands of years will show how their teachings are still relevant today.  As part of this we'll learn about the original poses and the myths behind some poses. We'll discover the yamas (restraints) and the niyamas (observances), the first two of the Eight Limbs of Yoga codified thousands of year ago. These our ethical guides that continue to contribute to the success of our daily livesAs teachers, our ethical commitment combined with our skill and knowledge of Limb 3 āsana (poses) and Limb 4 prāṇāyāma (breathwork & poses) creates an opportunity to enrich awareness and appreciation for the rich tapestry of yoga, both for ourselves and our students.

As so many yoga concepts are interrelated, we'll take this opportunity to also investigate how yoga's energy systems such as chakras and mudras have relevance within and beyond the classroom.   

*The final four Limbs of Yoga (5. Pratyāhāra/withdrawal; 6. Dhāraṇā/concentration; 7. Dhyāna/meditation and 8. Samādhi/bliss) are part of the GYS Mindfulness series as they focus primarily on meditation and enlightenment on a deeper, personal level.

Yoga Fitness Instructor module or equivalent yoga teacher training/experience.

Includes our printable training manual (.pdf) 

GYS reserves the right to cancel without minimum registration. Full refund or program transfer options offered.

Review GYS policies for details.

Receipt can be used for business expense only.

Fee includes GST. Payment methods: e-transfer. Credit card add 4% processing or cheque (please email for details)

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