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Adapting Yoga
For Those With Vertigo

Part of 2024 Fall Education Gathering - September 2024.
Offered by Lead Trainer, Stacey

Vertigo and its counterparts are symptoms of other conditions and with some exceptions mostly affect women, especially those over 50. It creates the sensation of spinning and/or the surroundings are whirling about. It can be distressing, disconcerting, disorienting and potentially life altering. Learn simple, compassionate ways to add options and/or adapt a yoga class to minimize triggers and create a safe practice space for those who may have, or may not yet know yet that they too suffer from vertigo.   

Recommendation: Yoga Fitness Module/RYT Foundations,
RYT 200 or equivalent yoga teac
her training/experience.
Includes our printable training materials (.pdf)

GYS reserves the right to cancel without minimum registration. Full refund or program transfer options offered.

Review GYS policies for details.

Receipt can be used for business expense only.

Fee includes GST. Payment methods: e-transfer; credit card add 4% processing or cheque (please email for details).

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