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Gentle, Flow, Drop-In Flow Yoga
& Chair Yoga 

Gaylene teaches a variety of weekly mat and chair yoga classes at recreational centres in Langley City the Township of Langley. She also offers classes at the Langley Senior Resource Society 

Stacey teaches lively chair yoga and chair fusion classes, plus low impact older adult fitness (each with lots of options/choices) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Langley Senior Resources Society

Want to head to a yoga class yet feeling a little unsure, then this is for you. Or feeling stuck in your practice and want to find a way to challenge yourself.


Together we will design a single session or short series of one-on-one (or with a friend if you'd like) to learn about the basics and/or update your existing or rusty yoga skills so you can step into any classroom with confidence.

Let us know how we may guide your path forward, send us an email.

Spring Forest
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