A smooth, body releasing practice open to all.  Relaxation begins and ends the class, with yoga poses adapted to fit your mood, body style or energy.  Creates a sense of quiet intention and introspection. Offered with modifications and options, the intensity level is up to you.

This mat based yoga practice allows you to move at your own pace. Blocks and other props create a sense of accessibility and inclusiveness.  A great option for the active older adult!


Designed to develop/improve stability, flexibility and mobility.  Right from the initial relaxation, through active movement flowing easily from pose to pose this style of yoga brings all its benefits to a safe, stable seated/supported class. The opportunity to explore using the chair for stability in standing poses is also available. The choice is yours.

Open to everyone at any age who finds getting up/down from the mat challenging or uncomfortable. Adaptable, chair yoga is also an excellent accessible option for those who may be recovering or rehabilitating yet wish to continue their yoga practice.


As Gaylene guides you gently through range of motion movements, and by using bolsters, blankets, blocks, cushions, etc. this amazing practice brings to each individual a unique experience, a sense of well-being and the opportunity to fully calm the mind, body and spirit. The intention is to release, stretch and breathe, while comfortably shifting, then relaxing into each progressive pose. This can be a private session or invite a couple of friends.

Currently offered through Zoom.
Before starting Gaylene will chat with you about your goals and help select props you may have available at home. This is available weekday mornings; times are adaptable to your schedule.  


Want to head to a yoga class yet feeling a little unsure, then this is for you. Or feeling stuck in your practice and want to find a way to challenge yourself. Together we will design a single session or short series of one-on-one (or with a friend if you'd like) to learn about the basics and/or update your existing or rusty yoga skills so you can step into any classroom with confidence.

Another option is to consider our Intro to Yoga Workshop, a 35hr program designed with a teaching focus, but without any prerequisites just a desire to expand your personal yoga practice.


Also available for one-on-one, group of friends, corporate spaces or special events:


Classic Hatha

Yoga for the Office/Stress Relief

Family Yoga

Child & Teen Meditation

Mommy & Me/Parent 'n Tot

Yoga for Round Bodies

Yoga for Fertility/Pre-Post Natal

Customizing a program that meets your goal is our goal.  Let us know how we may create what you need.