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Continuing Education

Each GYS workshop is open to ALL INTERESTED YOGA TEACHERS seeking insight into new subject areas to benefit their classroom or personal practice.  BCRPA, CFES and Yoga Alliance continuing education credits available.  The following workshop lists also form the basis for the GYS-RYT 200 training program (returning 2025) in combination with the Yoga Fitness Module and culminates with 

the accreditation of the RYT 200/Registered Yoga Teacher (with Yoga Alliance membership)

upon completion of the full, combined 200 credit hours of enhanced training.

Continuing Education 

Workshops are open to all interested current and future yoga teachers, and may be taken for personal interest. Prior completion of the Yoga Fitness Instructor Module is recommended. Prerequisites apply as indicated with an *. 

  • Alignment & Adjustments

  • Energy, Ethics & Yoga History

  • Essentials for the Yoga Teacher

  • Inclusive Yoga for All Bodies*

  • Mindfulness, Meditation & Subtle Body (1)
  • Poses (Āsana): Beyond Yoga Fitness* (1)

  • Teaching Yoga with Props for Inclusivity*

  • Sanskrit: Simplified for the Yoga Classroom*

  • Sequencing Skills for An Enhanced Class*

  • Sun & Moon Salutations for the Modern Practice

  • The Yoga Body & Anatomy

  • The Yoga Body & Pranayama

* Completion of the Yoga Fitness Instructor module or equivalent yoga education is required for registration.

Specialty Continuing Education

Open to all interested, experienced yoga teachers, each of the following focused specialty workshops is also available as a self-selected elective for the GYS-RYT 200 program, and relates to core curriculum topics from a specialized perspective. Completion of the Yoga Fitness Instructor Module or equivalent is required. Prerequisites apply as indicated with an *. 

  • How Balance and Independence Intersect When Teaching Older Adults Yoga

  • Including Men In Yoga with Awareness

  • Introduction to Teaching Post Natal Yoga (2)

  • Introduction to Teaching Pre-Natal Yoga (2)

  • One-on-One Mentoring

  • Special Populations (1)

  • Teaching with Trauma Awareness & Sensitivity

  • Yoga with Children - An Introduction (2)

(1) These will be offered in multi-part series.

(2) Additional prerequisites apply - discuss with Lead Trainer

Practicum Series/In-Class Teaching Experience (GYS-RYT 200 students only)

Practical teaching experience by the student and evaluation by a GYS Lead Trainer is a requirement for completing the GYS-RYT 200 training to meet the Yoga Alliance Standards. This will be coordinated on an ongoing basis throughout training.  


Note:  Pre-registered GYS-RYT 200 students must accumulate a total of 10 evaluated practicum teaching hours, a minimum of which must include leading five 60 minute classes. 

*Upon completion, GYS-RYT 200 students may book practice classes in these niche styles.

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