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Teach the Benefits of Yoga

Lead by experienced yoga trainers our programs are designed to guide your experience forward along a positive, successful pathway to teaching and/or practicing yoga. As a RYS® 200/Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance since 2014, and meeting the up-leveling requirements as of 2020, Grove Yoga School proudly offer two insightful, comprehensive, interlinked yoga teacher training opportunities, one through BCRPA and the other with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Fitness Instructor
Four 2023 workshops scheduled!

For the yoga enthusiast seeking to become a yoga teacher or anyone wanting to expand their personal yoga practice, this course provides a strong foundation of skill and knowledge. It is also the springboard into the enhanced (RYT 200) for yoga teachers (or interested yogis) pursuing additional yoga education and awareness.   

Registered Yoga Teacher/RYT® 200

With a life friendly schedule, and self-paced workshop series, in addition to completing the Yoga Fitness Instructor module, students seeking further training and their RYT® 200 designation may continue their journey either for their own interest or with the intention of teaching Hatha yoga. 

Workshops & Specialty Training

CE workshops, including our Teaching Inclusive Yoga for All Bodies; Energy, Ethics & Yoga History; Successful Sequencing; and Mindfulness, plus more are open to current yoga instructors, those in the GYS-RYT program and others seeking to add a deeper dimension to their yoga teaching. 

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