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Small groups, 100% live!


As a Registered Yoga School® since 2013, Grove Yoga School proudly offers two streams of insightful, comprehensive yoga teacher training:

1.  Traditional
Our 200hr and 300hr Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher® training and continuing education programs are for individuals seeking a focused, traditional, in-depth approach, either for their personal practice or with the intention of teaching Hatha yoga.  Our 95hr Children's Yoga teacher training, adds another layer of expertise for those teaching yoga & mindfulness to kids.

2. Fitness Focused

For the fitness enthusiast, we teach the BCRPA 35 Yoga Fitness Module (prerequisites apply). This is also available as a workshop for those investigating if yoga teaching is a path they wish to follow and/or to enhance a personal practice. 


Our CEC Teaching Chair Yoga and Teaching Restorative Yoga workshops are open to current fitness leaders or traditional yoga teachers seeking to understand the subtleties of this style of yoga.


In addition to teacher training, we also offer a complement of yoga classes. Please click here for more details and our current schedule.