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~~~New 2022 Dates ~~~


As a Registered Yoga School® since 2013, Grove Yoga School proudly offers insightful, comprehensive yoga teacher training:

Traditional with a Modern Approach

Our merged 200hr/YFL and our enhanced 300hr Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher® trainings are for individuals seeking a balanced, focused, in-depth program, either for their personal practice or with the intention of teaching Hatha yoga.  Our 95hr Children's Yoga teacher training, adds another layer of expertise for those teaching yoga & mindfulness to kids.

Fitness Focused

For the fitness enthusiast we teach the BCRPA 35 Yoga Fitness Module (prerequisites apply). This is also available as a workshop for those investigating if yoga teaching is a path they wish to follow and/or to enhance a personal practice. 


Our CEC workshops, Teaching Chair Yoga and Teaching Restorative Yoga plus our soon to be announced Sanskrit: Simplified for Yoga and Yoga for Bigger Bodies are open to current fitness leaders or traditional yoga teachers seeking to add a deeper dimension to their yoga teaching.

                                         ~~~ NEW DAYS & TIMES ~~~


In addition to teacher training, we also offer a complement of yoga classes. Please click here for more details and our current schedule.