Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Campus

Grove Yoga School is now a local campus for the Breathing Deeply School of Yoga Therapy!

What is Yoga Therapy?

  • Uses Yoga in a therapeutic manner
  • Newer method of healing based on thousands of years of yogic tradition
  • Identifies individual imbalances physically and mentall and help to re-balance the individual
  • Uses yoga to treat specific conditions including physical pain, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, depression, autoimmune diseases and much more

Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy's Foundations Course (12 months - 250 hours) is designed to certify you to work with individuals using the yoga therapy model. The Foundations course will teach you anatomy, philosophy, theory and how to apply this information and tools in a therapeutic setting.

New Program starts October 2nd, 2017

For more information about this exciting yoga opportunity, prerequisites, scheduling and fees to register, please visit their Website.

To enhance this training experience, Grove Yoga School has created an optional, yet strongly suggested, monthly campus (study group) which will be offered in our Langley studio. This will bring students together to discuss the lectures, ask questions, get feedback. Plus it is a great way to build the yoga therapy community environment, motivation yourself and get to know other students in your local area! There is an additional fee of $350 (payable to Grove Yoga School) for those wishing to join our growing campus. All campus sessions will be Mondays 11am - 2pm, on the 1st monday of each month (except for Stat Holidays) - then it will be the second Monday.

First Campus: October 2nd, 2017 (pre-enrollment required). For more information about our Campus and registration please email us or call Gaylene at 604-882.9094.

Important Program Links

Note: Yoga Therapy and Yoga Teacher Training are two different disciplines which require different training, certification and registration.



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