Grove Yoga Class Schedule and Registration

Note: For classes offered at Community Centres please register directly through their website or in person.

Not sure which yoga class to take? Send us a note or call us at 604-882-9094 and together we will get you into the right class that fits your life and body.

  • Beginners - A perfect introduction to Yoga; an easy and inspiring pace. In yoga there is no judgement or competition! This is a yoga mat class for those comfy getting up and down from the mat a couple of times. Note: This is sometimes offered as a workshop as a great way to build confidence before joining an on-going class.
  • Chair & Active - All the benefits of a mat Yoga class on a chair! A stable total body activity - lots of movement and great for everyone. Click here for more information.
  •  Gentle - For those already comfortable with some Yoga and looking for a gentle to moderate class that still challenges - this is for you. Beginners will definitely enjoy this class too!
  • Restorative - Includes fully supported gentle hatha yoga postures to improve well-being through the release of tension, re-alignment and calming of the mind. Props complement the postures, while you gently stretch and strenghten your body. Great for any and all ability levels.
  • Yoga Dynamic - This fitness based yoga class helps to develop strength, balance and flexibility with sequences of flowing poses, while linking breath to movement. Relax while working your body! Intensity is moderate (to high) with options to create the yoga experience you desire at any level.
  • Yoga for Paddlers - Hatha Yoga Class that focuses more on shoulders and hips and will enhance your paddling. Click here for more specifics. Great not just for paddlers - this is an excellent program for everyone!


Some of our Specialty Classes

  • Children and Teen Meditation
  • Family Yoga
  • Private/Group Yoga
  • Yoga for Round Bodies
  • Wellness Yoga
  • Yoga for Fertility

 Other Disciplines Suggested by Grove Yoga School

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